Disney’s A Christmas Carol Train Tour Hits Atlanta October 6

Disney is pulling out all the whistle stops and taking its show on the road with a spectacular immersive and interactive 40-city train tour including a 3D sneak peek of film footage from the upcoming movie “Disney’s A Christmas Carol,”…Among the highlights of the tour are authentic artifacts on loan from the Charles Dickens Museum of London; artwork, costumes and props from the film; demonstrations of performance capture technology; and a chance to morph your face into one of the film’s characters using HP TouchSmart PCs. At each stop along the way, a state-of-the-art Disney Digital 3D Theatre will be erected, where guests can get a sneak peek of “Disney’s A Christmas Carol” and see other exclusive behind-the-scenes materials from the movie.

Disney’s A Christmas Carol Train Tour

This special will be in Atlanta on Tuesday October 6, 2009 at the Southeastern Railway Museum. Visiting the train is free.

Table Wizard Not Going to Cut It on CALI Website

Now, as for linking with nodes – that is not supported at this time. Is this your primary question? I’m going to assume that it’s the main issue you’re facing and turn this into a feature request – at the moment, there’s no way to define relationships between Table Wizard-managed tables and tables integrated with Views by other modules (such as the node table). Supporting that will take some work…

via Allow relationships to other views-enabled tables | drupal.org.

OK, so we imported CALI Lessons into Drupal as nodes. Now I’ve got the table that tracks when folks run those Lessons. It has about 4.4 million rows and contains what is effectively relational data: ids for Lessons, People, etc, and run data: time of run, questions answered, etc. So we were hoping to use Table Wizard to surface the data in Views2 and combine it with Lesson node info to produce nifty pages for people to see the Lessons they have run. But as noted above TW doesn’t support building relationships between TW-managed tables and existing Views tables, so no way to link the nid in the LessonRun table with the nid in the node table or the uid in LessonRun with the uid in the users table with the nifty Views2 interface. Looks like I’ll just need to code it in.

Pace Environmental Law Review Goes to Peer Review, But Still No Online Edition

As of August 1, 2009, Pace Environmental Law Review (PELR) will use a new Peer Review process to select articles for publication. Submissions will be reviewed internally and then forwarded to a select group of Peer Reviewers – academics, practitioners, and experts in the field, including members of Pace Law School’s world-renowned environmental law faculty. The Peer Review process will offer new and distinctive opportunities to foster continued debate and reflection upon some of the most pressing topics within the field of environmental law.

via Pace Environmental Law Review Announces Shift to Peer Review « Feminist Law Professors.

A step in the right direction for law reviews. Their peer review FAQ is here. Now if PELR would publish on the web in an open format, that would really put them in the forefront. The “archive” link on the PELR website redirects to HeinOnline and requires a login for access. Maybe sign the Durham Statement and get those web publications going.