Twitter Updates for 2011-10-06

  • Steve Jobs was one of those rare people who could see the future and wouldn't stop until he brought us there. #
  • iOS Developer Enterprise Program – Apple Developer [Allows orgs to get iOS Apps onto devices w/o going thru App Store.] #
  • Doc Searls Weblog · The journey was the reward [Best reflection on passing of Steve Jobs I've seen.] #
  • @KenHirsh @johnpmayer Lots of law already there, for example: #
  • @johnpmayer @kenhirsh #HathiTrust isn't a public library, it's for scholarly research. A digital public law library would be different. #
  • @johnpmayer @kenhirsh And we do need a digital public law library. Unencumbered access to legal materials is necessary. #OccupyTheLaw #
  • @KenHirsh @johnpmayer @davidwhelan I think we tried that, DPLA passed. And focus of DPLA is kind of scholarly anyway. #
  • @KenHirsh Yes, @LIICornell is a good foundation, but their collection is small compared to vastness of legal info scattered about #DPLLA #
  • @KenHirsh Problem of lack of access is systemic. Many courts and legislatures don't see access as a problem. #DPLLA #
  • @KenHirsh Education is a big part. Show how increased levels of access are a good thing. Fedsys is a good model, lots of HTML. #DPLLA #
  • @kenhirsh Fedsys HTML can be collected, indexed, processed into other formats. It provides unencumbered access to the law. #DPLLA #
  • @KenHirsh Courts and states need to follow this lead. Even access to court opinions in original word processor files would be ok. #DPLLA #
  • @KenHirsh Good question. Core group would be a good start. MS Supreme Ct has opinions from 1996 to date in WordPerfect. #DPLLA #
  • @KenHirsh And cost is a big issue. really need to figure out what locating, collecting, indexing, sharing all that data costs. #DPLLA #
  • @richards1000 @kenhirsh FDsys is still running (today's FedReg – ) An excellent resource. #DPLLA #
  • Jobs: “Focus Is About Saying, No” | TechCrunch #

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