Twitter Updates for 2011-10-07

  • @carlmalamud @freegovinfo Court opinions on FDsys a big step in right direction. Can't wait for public beta to see for myself. #DPLLA #
  • @carlmalamud Central location, signed by GPO, metadata in XML, consistent formats (hoping for XML/HTML like other FDsys material). #
  • “@zheller: A good argument for how over-exaggerated the power of Twitter is” [Twitter is an echo chamber.] #
  • @carlmalamud Just PDF would disappoint. GPO signed PDFs would raise interesting questions about 'official' versions of opinions though. #
  • Creating ebooks requires a whole different way of thinking about text, and it is hard to get past our deeply ingrained concepts of "book". #
  • @sglassmeyer Absolutely! A real index would be nice, too. #
  • @johnpmayer Perhaps, but consider a syllabus or outline that refers to "page 8" of a book. That ref may mean nothing in an ebook context. #

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