Richmond IP Institue Launches CyberEducation Project

Intellectual Property Institute Launches the National CyberEducation Project
The University of Richmond Intellectual Property Institute announces the launch of the National CyberEducation Project, an interdisciplinary, grass-roots effort to engage students, faculty, and administrators on college campuses in discussion of contemporary intellectual property issues. Because debates over the intellectual property issues that arise in the digital age often appear to reflect a new generation gap, the Project focuses on educational efforts that work to bridge that gap. It will produce conferences, articles, blogs, education kits, and other student-oriented, campus-centric programs and materials.

Sounds like they could use CALI Author to create some materials that could be accessed over the web by anyone.

Google Testing Sitemaps

BetaNews | Google Testing New Indexing Approach
Since its inception, Google has tried to make sense of billions of Web documents and using advanced in-house technology. But now, Google is experimenting with a new concept to better its search crawlers: ask webmasters for help. The program, called Google Sitemaps, could revolutionize how the Web is indexed.

Specifically, Sitemaps will direct Google’s Web crawlers to content that has been changed or added, removing the need for Google to spider an entire site. Sitemap files are based on XML and contain a number of parameters to aid in the search indexing process.

The Google Sitemaps FAQ is here.

AKFQuiz: Basic quizzing tool Project details for AKFQuiz
The AKFQuiz package lets you easily make your own quiz games or learning exercises. These can be used either with grquiz in a graphical environment (SVGAlib), with crtquiz on the text console, or with diaquiz in a GUI environment. There is also a line oriented variant, linequiz, which can be used as a backend. A CGI-variant can be installed on a Web server to offer exercises via the Web. A mkquiz tool that generates an HTML file for to use with the JavaScript akfquiz3.js is also included. Those can then be published with any Web-space provider.