Connect VOIP to a Regular Phone

MAKE: Blog: Build your own Chat-Cord
Voice over IP is taking over the world and I also like the idea of calling for free! The problem I’ve experienced so far is the fact that you always have to use those cumbersome headsets. When it would be possible to use your standard phone for this application, the experience of VoIP would be much more like the real POTS (plain old telephone system). Provides Access To Over 8000 CRS Docs

Slashdot | Open CRS: Free Government Research Reports
Ted Bridis of the Associated Press reports that more than 8000 Congressional Research Service reports produced exclusively for legislators are now available to the public for free. The Center for Democracy & Technology’s Open CRS project is a Web-based central clearinghouse that features several collections of government reports. The research service has ‘… a staff of more than 700 and a nearly $100 million budget …’ but ‘CRS Reports do not become public until a member of Congress releases the report.’ The Open CRS project wants your help in obtaining and adding reports to the database.