Study Says Linux Adoption Slowing

Linux Adoption Stalls, Study Says – Yahoo! News
Linux’s strongest workload gains were in the smallest and largest organizations, while Windows gained workload fastest in the midsize companies, Cowen said. Windows, however, gained workload faster than Linux in all but the smallest companies.

Seems like ‘Dawn of the Point-and-Click SysAdmin’. Let’s face it, it is faster and easier to deploy more Windows servers than it is Linux (or Unix for that matter). Does that make Windows better, more stable, more secure, less expensive? No, just faster and easier. Microsoft has made great strides in the educational arena, seeing that its products get lots of favorable attention in the training of new sysAdmins. If your background is in Windows, deploying and managing any other OS, especially Linux, is daunting. Nobody wants all the work of the extra work. So, more Windows:)

Dave’s New Outliner Is Web-ready

Scripting News: 6/6/2005
What would be the point of having an editor whose native format is OPML and not have it natively push outlines up to the web?

Well that is a good question. I hope getting the outline on web enables fun features like including other outlines and ‘buddy lists’ of shared outlines. A good networked outliner can really be useful:)