O’Reilly Adds del.icio.us Tags To Articles

Our del.icio.us Folksonomy (Beta)
We’ve just added del.icio.us tags to our articles. These are single keyword categories generated by the O’Reilly readers as they bookmark our articles in del.icio.us. The sum of these tags is a taxonomy (some say folksonomy) of articles that emerged from our readers rather than being handed down by our editors.

Based on data supplied by del.icio.us, O’Reilly is adding popular folksonomy tags to it’s articles. The tag info will appear in the upper left hand corner of the article. This is a great way to tie content to the broader community and put it in some sort of context.

Running XP As Non-Admin

Users Overlook XP’s Non-Admin Security
Microsoft is sparing no expense to spread the Least-privileged User Account security gospel ahead of next year’s Longhorn launch, but a little-known fact—especially among IT administrators and end users—is that the technology is already available in the Windows operating system.

The article references the nonadmin wiki as a good source for information and tools. It is run by Microsoft developers.