New York Law School to Offer Certificate Law Practice Technology

New York Law School’s Institute for Information Law and Policy to Offer Certificate of Mastery in Law Practice Technology
New York Law School’s Institute for Information Law and Policy is introducing a “Certificate of Mastery in Law Practice Technology”.Starting in the fall 2005 semester, students will be able to pursue this certificate, to be awarded as an honor upon graduation. Students receiving the certificate will have demonstrated mastery of particular technology skills –such as electronic litigation, online transactions, or courtroom technology–that will prepare them for law practice and distinguish them as especially qualified candidates for legal positions.

In order to receive the certificate, students complete a core curriculum in cyberlaw, intellectual property, and information law; attain at least four

Clam AntiVirus Update Project details for Clam AntiVirus
This release introduces a number of bugfixes and cleanups. Possible descriptor leaks in archive unpackers and mishandling of fast track uuencoded files have been fixed in libclamav. Database reloading in clamav-milter has been improved.

I’ve been waiting for this update:) We’ve been having issues with the db reload in clamav-milter, especially when under load from worm email.

NYT Finds Blogging Via Cellphone…

Software Lets Bloggers Post via Cellphone – New York Times
A handful of companies have begun offering software that allows people to read and write blogs on cellular phones. The concept, known in some circles as moblogging, lets bloggers take pictures, record sound and type in text while on the go.

This month, the Intercasting Corporation, which is based in San Diego, became the first mobile blog company to enter into a partnership with a major cellular phone provider, Verizon Wireless.