Debian on a Linksys NSLU2

Slashdot | Full Debian ARM for Under $200
With minor elbow grease, you can now set yourself up with a complete Debian ARM Linux box for under $200. This is thanks to Peter Korsgaard, who figured out a cool byteswapped kernel hack for the little $99 Linksys NSLU2. Add a $99 USB harddrive, and the tiny, cute, quiet ‘Slug’ can run any of about 16,000 Debian ARM packages, 24×7, for pennies per month worth of electricity, since ARM is still orders of magnitude more power-efficient than anything x86. Serve files, music, web pages, printers, backups, kernel images, webcams/motion detection, firewalls/routers, wireless access point… or whatever. Oh, did I mention you can overclock the Slug?