Novell Releases Linux Usability Research

The research including videos, results, and some analysis is available at and is provides some insight into the usability of the OpenSuse. Developers and those lookng to migrate users to Linux desktops will find this data useful.

Novell Shares Linux Usability Research Videos
Novell Inc. released a large amount of primary desktop-usage research—including more than 200 video clips of users bumbling their way through unfamiliar computer interfaces—to the software development community Monday, as part of a new program aimed at making Linux desktops a more comfortable fit for users.

Oracle Scoops Up InnoDB

Oracle Scores Open-Source InnoDB Storage Engine
Oracle on Friday purchased InnoDB, the Finnish open-source database company whose add-on table storage engine for MySQL rivals MySQL’s own MyISAM in popularity.

InnoDB Oy Inc.’s database engine isn’t stand-alone. It is distributed as part of the MySQL database. Moreover, InnoDB’s contractual relationship with MySQL is up for renewal next year.

DIY GPS Tracking on Nextel Phones

MAKE: Blog: DIY GPS tracking
Mod a GPS enabled Nextel and fauxjack yourself…or your car, or your kid, or a big dog, or an elephant. We really, really want to track an elephant. Mologogo is a free service that will track a “friends” GPS enabled cell phone from another phone(gps not required) or on the web. It currently works on pretty much any Nextel phone with Java and GPS – even a $60 no-contract Boost Mobile phone.