Sun Announces Global Education and Learning Community

In a keynote speech on Wednesday at the Educause annual meeting in Orlando, Mr. McNealy announced the creation of a nonprofit organization called the Global Education and Learning Community, which will provide a framework for educators to work together to develop and distribute educational resources online.

The Chronicle: Wired Campus Blog: Sharing Teaching Tools Online

Sounds cool, kind of like CALI’s CODEC intiative, or for that matter just about anything CALI does.  Here’s GLEC’s mission: “The community’s mission is to improve global education by empowering
teachers, students and parents with self-paced, web based, free and
open content (curriculum resources, assessment) combined with best
practices for advancing student achievement world wide

Try Other OSes With VMware Player

BetaNews | VMware Ships Free Virtual Machine App
VMware on Wednesday introduced VMware Player, a free tool that enables users to run virtual machines on a Linux or Windows PC. The company says that the program would be ideal for those beta testing software, or evaluating pre-built application environments. The release of the Player comes during VMworld, a yearly convention held by the company focusing on virtualized computing.

Blogging with Flock

This is going to be interesting.  Flock is a new sort of browser that is blogger friendly, among other things.  This post is created with Flock.  You can find Flock here.  And I just added this, so you can edit too.  Categories would be nice.