WebConference LiveHelp Switches to GPL

The switch to GPL makes this package more interesting since the previous license limited use in a lot of ways.

freshmeat.net: Project details for WebConference LiveHelp!
WebConference LiveHelp! is a fully-featured online customer service solution. It links your support team to your customers in real-time and provides real-time one-on-one customer chat, pro-active Web site visitor tracking and engaging tools, a complete Web history, transcripts, a searchable dynamic knowledge base, and automatic feedback collection and reporting.

Case Western Law Launches Saddam Hussein Trial Blog

The feed is here. I hope that this gets updated regularly once the trial begins or as matters warrant. From US Law Schools News Brief.

Case Western Reserve University
The trial of Saddam Hussein, scheduled to begin October 19, is expected to be among the most important trials in legal history. To help journalists, academics, and the public keep abreast of and understand developments related to the trial, the Frederick K. Cox International Law Center at Case Western Reserve University School of Law has launched the Saddam Hussein trial blog and interactive website at: http://www.law.case.edu/saddamtrial.