BBC Works on Annotatable Audio

This post concerns an experimental internal-BBC-only project designed to allow users to collectively describe, segment and annotate audio in a Wikipedia-style fashion. It was developed by the BBC Radio & Music Interactive R&D team – for this project consisting of myself, Tristan Ferne, Chris Bowley, Helen Crowe, Paul Clifford and Bronwyn Van Der Merwe. Although the project is a BBC project, all the speculation and theorising around the edges is my own and does not necessarily represent the opinion of my department or the BBC in general.

On the BBC Annotatable Audio project… (

More Classcaster Sitings

By way of correction, we are not using Shockwave to record podcasts.  We are embedding a Flash MP3 player object in the post to play the audio, but the recording is done using a telephone connection or by uploading locally recorded MP3s.  We are using the open source Musicplayer at the moment, but are developing our own player that is more tuned to playing single MP3s from a blog post.

RSS4Lib:: Shockwave Audio and Weblogs

The Neef Law Library blog at Wayne State University is using Shockwave audio files to record blog content.

Classcaster features an Asterisk PBX on the backend that allows us to record phone calls and then generate a blog post containing the MP3 recording of the call. Blogging services are provided through a modified version of pLog. Taken together these tools allow Classcaster to be a full featured blogging and podcasting platform.

Splice All Those Feeds Together

KickRSS takes multiple RSS or ATOM feeds, combines them, and displays them as a single RSS feed or a webpage at an easy-to-remember URL.

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License Free Fonts

Vitaly Friedman is collecting license-free fonts. That’s right, free as in beer; you’re able to use these for commercial work, and unlike most free font collections, there are some in here you may actually want to use. Consider plugging a few of these into your new, free copy of Font Explorer.

mezzoblue  §  Type Resources

libmrss – RSS Library

ibmRSS is a C library for parsing, writing, and creating RSS (Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication, but not RDF Site Summary) files or streams. Project details for libmrss