Libraries, Patrons Clash Over Audiobooks

Yo, Libraries: say No to DRM – Excellent article by Doc Searls about the mess libraries are getting into trying to distribute audio books. In a nutshell, libraries are trying to offer audio books for download, but the major vendor in this area only offers the works in WMA format so patrons cannot use their iPods.  This leads to a lot of frustration.  

Providing a service that allows patrons to downlaod and listen to audiobooks is a very good idea.  Getting locked into a format battle between closed systems is not.  Librarians need to take a closer look ath the technology involved in these sorts of decisions before committing.  Audiobooks in a format that allows use by the greatest number of patrons while protecting the author’s rights would be ideal here.

MSFT To Delete Sony DRM as Malware

Microsoft Corp. will start deleting the rootkit component of the controversial DRM scheme used by Sony BMG Music Entertainment. The software giant’s Windows AntiSpyware application will be updated to add a detection and removal signature for the rootkit features used in the XCP digital rights management technology.

Microsoft Zapping Sony DRM ‘Rootkit’

This is kinda funny:)  One wonders if MSFT would be taking the safe position if Sony was using MSFT DRM.

InfoTrac Gets Podcasts

Thomson Gale, part of The Thomson Corporation (NYSE: TOC; TSX: TOC), announces the addition of podcast feeds to InfoTrac on Thomson Gale PowerSearch and its Student Resource Center, Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center and History Resource Center databases. Weekly presidential radio addresses by George W. Bush from January 2005 to the present will be podcast beginning today. New presidential radio addresses will be added weekly.

Gale – Press Room – 2005 – 11 – Thomson Gale Adds Podcast Feeds To Database Resources – Home

Via Library Stuff.  So, will Thompson West pickup on this and include Classcaster stuff in Westlaw?