Dell Takes a Hit on Bad MoBos

But the motherboard replacement program will account for the bulk of the charge, or about $300 million, he said.The replacements are necessary as some capacitors on some motherboards shipped in its GX270 and GX280 systems failed after a period of months. The failure, which is evidenced by a PC that won’t boot, comes when the capacitors bulge and fail.

Dell Warns of Layoffs, Motherboard Replacements

There was a lengthy discussion on this very topic on teknoids back in September and folks were generally not happy with the situation.

New Personal Aggregator

fyuze is a personal information aggregator that automatically collects information from the internet so you don’t have to. Sign up for an account, tell fyuze what you’re interested in, and you’ll be able to — at a glance — see what’s new on the web every time you log on.

Open Source Audio/Video Production Tools

The ‘Open Source IPTV Production Suite’ is an ensemble of high-level animation, 3D, compositing and editing tools that are available as free, open source GPL applications. However, this is not a direct attempt to duplicate the production tools found in Apple’s Final Cut Studio. It’s an attempt to create a fully functional, professional software suite that is capable of generating high end VFX and 3D animation like those found in Shake and Motion and Maya. Don’t be fooled, just because the software is open source doesn’t mean that it isn’t of professional grade.

MAKE: Blog: HOW TO – Assemble an Open Source IPTV Production Suite

Bluetooth Driven Presence with Asterisk

At the very least, when we’re finished, you’ll be able to walk out of your home or office carrying your bluetooth phone or headset and have your Asterisk server automatically transfer your incoming calls to your cellphone. And, when you return carrying your bluetooth phone or headset, Asterisk will automatically cancel the call transfers and reactivate delivery of incoming calls to the designated phones in your home or office. As simple as this concept may sound, the devil is in the details.

Nerd Vittles » Follow-Me Phoning: Implementing Bluetooth Proximity Detection with Asterisk, Part I

OS iPod Control

YamiPod is an application to efficiently manage your iPod under Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. It can be run directly from your iPod and needs no installation. It also has extra features such as lyrics support (with Web search), RSS news and podcast support, removal of duplicates, an easy note editor (with multi-page support), song synchronization, playlist export, and much more. Project details for YamiPod

Explain this to me?

Library Stuff has a great list of Q and A sites.  You have a question, ask it there and maybe you’ll get an answer.  Most seem to suffer from the lack of quality control you’d expect.  John has thought about doing something like this using legal ed as a background.  “Would someone explain estoppel to me?”, that sort of thing.  Could work since focus would help with quality.