Internet Creates Public Figures

Can mention on the net turn an ordinary citizen into a public figure with severely limited abilities to fight libel and defamation lawsuits? According to a Florida judge’s ruling — perhaps the first of its kind in the United States — the answer is yes.In an Oct. 21 ruling, Florida circuit court Judge Karen Cole threw out a defamation case against two TV stations because she deemed the plaintiff — a Jacksonville woman — to be a public figure who had been subject to “substantial” internet debate.

Wired News: Net Chat Anoints Public Figure

Well, I guess this would make me a public figure too…

PDF Doc Creation For Lawyers and Other Pros

ppligent, Inc. Wednesday introduced its APSplit Desktop Edition, a standalone desktop application for preparing PDFs to meet the document-size requirements imposed by courts and other government institutions on electronic filing submissions.  APSplit DE is a drag-and-drop desktop application that enables users to deliver large PDF documents in compliance with an institution’s sizing requirements.

Desktop Tool Eases e-filing of Large PDFs

This is aimed right at lawyers who have to convert electronic documents to a standardized format to meet efiling requirements.

PHPList: LAMP mailing list control

PHPlist is a mailing list and newsletter manager that allows posting via a Web page. It works well when used for announcements, and can handle very large email address lists. Users can sign up to multiple lists, but will only receive a single copy of cross-posted messages. When signing up, users can identify their geographical location, and messages can be targetted to these. You can add place holders in your email that will be replaced with personal details (such as the person’s name). Users can update their own information, and unlike many other mailing list systems, they can change their email address. HTML emails are supported. Project details for PHPlist