O’Reilly Launches Podcast Page

We’re gathering some of the things we’ve been working on in podcasting in one spot. Come visit and let us know what you think.

O’Reilly Podcasts

The page is sort of a short directory of the podcasts folks at O’Reilly are listening to.  One would assume that original content will follow along.

Tracking Wex in the Wild

Since Wex is new and didn’t show up in Google’s blog and web searches before 11/10/05, I thought this would be a neat opportunity to track the spread of a new site across the blogosphere and the web.  What I’ve done is create a page at gada.be: browse on over to wex-lii.gada.be to watch it spread.  Of particular interest is that within 36 hours a couple of splogs are linking through to parts of Wex, and how the major search engines at MSN, Yahoo, and Google have already crawled the site.

Frontier-Based Aggregator to be Released as Open Source

However, before that, we will release the aggregator under an open source license, the same one we use for the OPML Editor and for the Frontier kernel, so the community can have a go at it, and equally important, to serve as a test-bed for the implementation of OPML reading lists for RSS aggregators.


Dave is going to kick this loose as part of the development of OPML reading lists project.  I just wish it would run on Linux:(

Another Easy Way to Have Fun With Asterisk

This article describes how to build a Linux-based telephone answering machine using a low cost winmodem (softmodem) for the telephone interface. We describe how to install the drivers and libraries, and how to select and install the proper modem card. Our answering machine program is a couple of hundred lines of C code in a single file. If you’ve ever used a telephone you should have no trouble understanding the code.

A $10 Linux Answering Machine LG #120

Good as a followup to my talk at ALE last night.  This card, some old PC, and your in business.  You could build a Classcaster box with this.