Zope Dispatches

Zope Dispatches
Over the last 1.5 years, Jon Udell has been espousing a set of ideas and following a pattern of trends that culminates in a very interesting screencast with the folks from Mark Logic. View the screencast and go to the 5min27sec mark (yeh, I should know the URL to go directly there, but I don’t).

There are a number of interesting things going on here that I need to look into.

CODEC Annouces Workshops

CODEC – CODEC Strategy Workshops
It has been one year since the meeting in Louisville when the idea of a distance legal education consortium was launched. Since then, CALI has been very busy on the CODEC initiative. To update you and get feedback, we are holding two Strategy Workshops which you are invited to send a representative from your law school.

Disclaimer: CODEC is a CALI project and I’m doing a bit of work on it. If your law school is at all interested in DE, you should send someone off to one the meetings.

Get Your Penguin Podcasting

NewsForge | Podcasting from Linux
Podcasts are reinventing talk radio on the Web. These homemade audio downloads have become popular since they were introduced last year. Pontificate on your political opinions, praise your favorite bands, interview your hero — the possibilities are limitless.

Podcasts were created by fans of the Apple iPod, but you don’t need an iPod or a Mac to make your own. Properly configured, the average Linux distribution can podcast with the best of them.

And yes it is that easy. It’s also easy using the very same tools in the Win32 world.