Google Launches Developer Site

BetaNews | Google Curries Favor with Developers
"Google engineers have used their flex time to create a set of online tools for open source developers. The tools, found at the Google Code Web site, include Google APIs and libraries, a source code repository and other language-specific programming utilities.

Google has turned to third party developers to build on its own technologies including its AdSense contextual advertising program, desktop search, Gmail and Google Maps. The site is intended to build community around these different initiatives."

Compile PHP to .NET

Phalanger: PHP .NET compiler revealed
Tomas Matousek and Ladislav Prosek talk about their PHP .NET compiler, Phalanger. These guys don’t work at Microsoft, Charles Torre ran into them at a recent CLR compiler lab held on Microsoft’s main campus. Very cool stuff. You can learn more on their Web site.

This seems pretty cool, but I’m not sure what the point is unless you’re a PHP scripter suddenly dropped into a ASP.NET environment. I wonder if you could take PHP code and compile it to run on the dsesktop? BTW, works only with PHP 5.

PHP Conference & Expo 2005

Zend / PHP Conference & Expo 2005
The Zend/PHP Conference is the only US-based PHP conference this year and the only place where PHP and business come together. Come hear from the experts and from the companies that have deployed real PHP applications to solve real business problems. There will be a range of tutorials and sessions for both technical and business attendees evaluating or using PHP. Come away with a better understanding of how and why PHP can be used to power your business.

Ebay Loses Patent Challenge

Internet Week > > Patent Ruling Presents Stiff Challenge To EBay > March 16, 2005
The controversy over Internet patents is about to heat up again. An appeals court on Wednesday decided in favor of MercExchange in its legal fight with eBay Inc., the online auction powerhouse.

The court affirmed one of MercExchange’s patents, threw out a second, and reinstituted the most controversial patent, which had been struck down by an earlier court, over the process of conducting online auctions.

The affirmed patent covers Ebay’s ‘Buy It Now’ feature and the reinstated patent covers online auctions. It is not clear what Ebay’s reaction will be, though MercExchange is seeking an immediate injunction to enforce the ‘Buy it now’ patent.