SuSE 9.3 to Have Desktop Search

SuSE Linux gets desktop search – ZDNet UK News
"SuSE Linux Professional 9.3 will include Beagle, an open source desktop search tool that makes it easier for users to find various types of files, including documents, emails, IM conversations and code. Novell claims to be the first Linux provider to have packaged Beagle into its desktop application.

"For the first time anywhere SUSE Linux Pro includes Beagle, the innovative open source desktop search tool that can access everything on your desktop," Novell said in a statement."

SUSE 9.3 Pro is due out momentarily.

Halo_Radio: Web-enabled MP3 Streamer Project details for halo_radio
halo_radio is a package for running a streaming MP3 radio station. A usable Web interface, a backend Icecast source daemon, a utility script for populating a MySQL database with your songs, and other clients are included. The Web interface features informational functions, user management features, and search and request functionality. The source daemon can encode multiple bitrates and features an automatic playlist feature that will randomly select songs based on historical user data.

I need something like this to adopt a webcasting module for ClassCaster.

DOJ Goes With WordPerfect 12

BetaNews | DOJ Drops Microsoft Office for Corel
Corel has won a 50,000 seat contract with the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) to license its WordPerfect Office 12 suite. Corel is crediting the “flexible” terms of its enterprise licensing program and the strength of its feature set as the primary reasons for overcoming objections and closing the sale.

Man, now what are law schools gonna do? If DOJ is uccessful in rolling this out it would change the landscape of documents in the legal world. It means federal courts would continue to use Wordperfect and certainly influence the decisions that are made in law firms.