What’s Google up to?

Google is up to something. In recent months they’ve added Mozilla developers and a MSFT NT engineer to the payroll. Rumors swirl about some calendar app. Well, imagine this. A Linux distro that turns your PC into a node on a Google network, replete with a desktop that runs Windows apps (who better to straighten out Wine than someone who helped design NT) , a Google browser, Google searching capabilty of all of your data, and as a bonus, the ability to Google your fiends PCs. During down time, your screensaver runs some distributed processes from the Google net.

Just a thought.

Netscape Browser 8.0 Beta Released

BetaNews | Netscape Browser 8.0 Beta Goes Live
America Online’s Netscape team has opened its doors to the public, releasing the first beta of the revived Netscape Web browser. Based upon Firefox, Netscape version 8 focuses on security and user privacy, and supports rendering with both Mozilla’s Gecko and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser engines.

Neat feature: toggle back and forth between Firefox and IE rendering. It really works like 2 browsers in one:)

Real Integrates Into BlackBoard

Products & Services > Digital Media Solutions for the Blackboard Learning System™
The Blackboard Integration Suite from Real and Accordent Technologies enables non-technical users to publish video and audio directly into the Blackboard Learning System. In addition to simplifying the publishing process, the solution fully supports the Helix Server infrastructure and RealVideo 10 and RealAudio 10.

This is not really a surprise. BB has needed to add this sort of functionality for a while.