Project details for PurpleView Project details for PurpleView
PurpleView is a paper review system that was designed to help distributed project development. It serves as a collection of materials relevant to a field of interest, and its review capability allows users to distinguish good and relevant items from bad and irrelevant items. Submission of papers in different Categories and Platforms aids their systematization. The sorting and searching features facilitate powerful and expedient data examination. It incorporates discussion forums for each item, notifications and message boards, and features security logins and automated database backups that assure the system’s accountability and availability.

Get IMAP Mail as an RSS Feed Project details for imap2rss.php
imap2rss.php is a program that exports the contents of an IMAP folder as an RSS feed. It reads the folder in real-time and has support for multi-part MIME messages and permalinks.

OK, so we take the email destined to webmaster and make it a feed. From there we all look at feed and respond to the messages as appropriate.