Novell’s Brainshare 2005 Is Now!

NewsForge | Novell’s Brainshare 2005: Day 2
CEO Jack Messman kicked off Day 2 at Brainshare 2005 with a confident keynote that recounted promises made last year, Novell’s execution of those, and a flurry of new product announcements. If Novell is acting in desperation, as some have suggested of their move to Linux, it doesn’t show itself in their public face. NewsForge also spent some time on the exhibition floor and a lot of time in the press room, where Novell was conducting rapid-fire one-on-one briefings for the media.

The announcements included a partnership announcement with JBOSS, Identity Management, the Open Source application ecosystem, a program to validate stacks on Linux, enhancements and support promises for GroupWise, a small business server, and cross-platform management. All them revolve around Linux. All these announcements –and a replay of the keynote — are available here on the Novell web site.