Blogging For Dolloars

Slashdot | Blogging For Paychecks
When you hear about blogging, you’re most likely to hear about personal journals, self-expression and youngsters sharing their daily routines online. However, as Wall Street Journal notes, the word blogger can now frequently be seen in corporate job ads. Blogging jobs pay anywhere from $40,000 to $70,000 and frequently require writing copy for corporate Web sites and ability to promote on the Internet. A search for blogger and blogging on one of the job meta search engines yields several hundred open positions.

Wherein the ‘blogger’ becomes yet another corporate flak. Corps are waking up to the fact that the tools for blogging are easy to use and provide a sort of instant ‘in’ that allows them access to a lot of eyeballs that other wise might be missed. Sooner or later Google will quit adding so much weight to blogs or get better at filtering amatuers from pros and the salaries will go down.