Skype, Radio Shack Bring PC2PC VOIP to Consumers

Beginning Monday, Fort Worth, Texas-based RadioShack will feature Skype products in a special kiosk, including a new Motorola Inc. headset that uses short-range wireless Bluetooth technology to make calls via Skype, priced at $100. It will sell a $40 headset from Logitech and a $129 cordless phone from Cisco Systems Inc.’s Linksys unit.The RadioShack kiosk will feature Skype starter kits for $5 with a simple earpiece/microphone, software and 30 minutes of free Skype calling time to any number in the world. Sales clerks will offer training videos and software to customers.

Skype in U.S. Retail Distribution Pact

This is huge for Skype.  Retail placement in Radio Shack will put the next to cell carriers like Verizon.  RS already has some of the hardware with Skype included available here.  A geek bonus would be if this hardware could be reconfigured to work with SIP.  I’ll be looking into this.