EBay Spawns Drop off Stores

Internet Week > EBay Spawns Niche Market > EBay Spawns Niche Market > March 18, 2005
With the explosive success of EBay, it’s not surprising that several companies are jumping on the bandwagon to help people sell their unwanted items on the Internet auction giant.

In this growing niche, companies like ISold It, AuctionDrop, NuMarkets, QuikDrop, and Snappy Auctions are providing convenient locations where sellers can leave their wares and let the vendors handle the rest for a fee.

There is money to be made here, but there are a lot of issues to deal with. A franchise is probably the way to go for an individual interested in this sort of thing. Stuff to consider: storage space for sales items; minimum value of merchandise; not becoming an unwitting fence; developing expertise in pricing and/or spotting value; dealing with customers looking to unload junk. See, lots of work.