Rich McCue Releases OpenExpert

[teknoids] OpenExpert 0.1.1 release ( is a web based, easy to use Expert System. It is being developed by the University of Victoria Legal Clinic as a diagnostic / teaching tool to help students navigate technical areas of the law (such a divorce), more quickly, and with fewer mistakes. That said, the project is still under heavy development, with new features being added, and refinements being made. Please see the roadmap for the project for further details on planned features and enhancements ( You can see a demo of the system here:

Rich is a friend of ours and a frequent Teknoids poster. He demoed this project last June at the CALI Conference. It is cool and I can think of a thing or two to do with now that I have the code:)

The Freshmeat announcement is here and the SourceForge summary is here.