Is RSS the Future of the Web?

This article by Mark Sigal disucsses 2 compelling applications that have RSS at their heart and demonstrate how RSS could/should be at the center of the new web.

Envisioning RSS as a Web 2.0 platform
RSS began its life as a really simple way for content providers to syndicate their content and for content consumers to subscribe to their favorite providers. When the blogosphere emerged, RSS really took off. Now, just as its “simple” technology cousin, HTML, provided the underpinnings of the Web 1.0 technology platform, RSS is emerging as a platform for delivering the broadband and mobile ready applications of a Web 2.0 enabled world.

Novell to Resell MySQL

Novell to Resell MySQL
MySQL has been picked up by Novell, its second huge reseller deal in so many days, the companies announced on Tuesday at LinuxWorld in San Francisco.

The companies are calling this the only accord of its kind between a Linux vendor and MySQL AB, purveyor of the popular open-source database MySQL. In the reseller and joint-support agreement, Novell Inc. will offer subscriptions to the MySQL Network, a subscription offering that includes MySQL software; updates and upgrades; alerts and advisors; MySQL’s online knowledgebase; and full, production-level technical support.”