LON-CAPA – IMS/CMS and Courseware Creation

freshmeat.net: Project details for LON-CAPA
LON-CAPA (The LearningOnline Network with CAPA) is a learning content and course management system. It offers an underlying shared content pool from which instructors across departmental and institutional boundaries can assemble granular learning content for their courses. It has strong assessment capabilities, both formative (homework and in-class using wireless PDAs) and summative (online and bubblesheet exams), with a one-source multiple-target strategy for the content. It offers students portfolio space in which they can stage materials for submission to projects, and provides a number of tools for synchronous and asynchronous student-student and student-faculty communication. LON-CAPA scales well with number of students, as load-balancing is possible across the whole network of servers at participating institutions.

LibriVox – Podcasting Readings of Open Source Literature

They recommend Audacity for recording and Ourmedia.org for file storage. Sounds like they could really use Classcaster: record over the phone and post directly to the blog.

LibriVox is an open source audio-literary attempt to harness the power of the many to record and disseminate, in podcast form, books from the public domain. It works like this: a book is chosen, then *you*, the volunteers, read and record one or more chapters.

ibiblio.org Launches BitTorrent for Content Providers

Slashdot | BitTorrent for Content Providers
ibiblio.org has entered the fray, launching an enhanced BitTorrent site. Among the torrent offerings (all legal) are Linux kernels, distros, Project Gutenberg texts, and the ibiblio Speaker Series, which includes videos of talks by Larry Lessig, Robin Miller, and Dan Gillmor. ibiblio developed and open sourced the Osprey and Permaseed software to make BitTorrent seeding reliable, persistent, and suitable for large-scale content providers. Yes, you can find these torrents later.