iPod As a Disruptive PC Boot Device?

Sure Slashdot’s all worked up about the headline “Has Google Peaked?” but the real fun of the article is at the end where the idea of using iPods loaded with OS 10.4 to boot Intel PCs and sending MSFT into spasms is the real neat idea:) Just think about. A 20 gig hard drive you carry around loaded with a functional operating system and lots of your stuff. Just plug in and boot up. Cool

PBS | I, Cringely . August 25, 2005 – Has Google Peaked?
Every one of those iPods is a bootable drive. What if Apple introduces OS 10.5, its next super-duper operating system release, and at the same time starts loading FOR FREE the current operating system version — OS 10.4 — on every new iPod in a version that runs on generic Intel boxes? What if they also make 10.4 a free download through the iTunes Music Store?

$50 MIllion in VC Up For Grabs

A couple of interesting things here…

Business 2.0 – Magazine Article – Printable Version – The $50 Million Giveaway
Want to start a company? We found 11 venture capitalists sitting on business ideas they’re dying to bankroll. All you have to do is send them exactly the right business plan.

Cooking With Your iPod!

Sounds like fun. There is a lot ofpossibility behind that little click wheel:)

MAKE: Blog: Recipes for your iPod
Kraft is offering up over 100 recipes that you can download and put on your iPod and read using the notes function.

XML-RPC debugger

freshmeat.net: Project details for XML-RPC debugger
Unlike other debuggers, which focus on the XML-RPC protocol, this one is for debugging the service itself, allowing manual calls to RPC methods with syntax like that of an object-oriented programming language rather than manually writing XML.