Novell Announces New Product Lifecycle Policy

The new policy gives 7 year support lifecycles to Novell’s OS products including SuSE Linux Enterprise Server.

NOVELL: Product Support Lifecycle
Novell’s Product Support Lifecycle provides consistent and predictable support availability guidelines, allowing you to effectively plan and manage your support needs. This lifecycle model took effect on 3 August 2005 and applies to most products currently available on Novell’s price list. To verify the lifecycle dates for a specific product, search in the “support status by product” tool on the right column of this page.

OPML Community Server Release on the horizon?

I hope to see this soon. We’ve been thinking about the impact of shared outlines on legal education. Can you say virtual study groups? It is not hard to imagine law students finding the OPML Outliner very useful and adding a CALI sponsored community server into the mix is a good thing:)

The OPML Community Server, the blogging software, membership system, file system back-end and directory displayer. The goal here is to make it fairly painless to set up and administer.

DIY Render Farm

Build Your Own Render Farm
But what about render farming? The idea of coaxing multiple machines to gang up on one graphics-processing job is old; but the feasibility of configuring such a system on a shoestring budget is rather new. With open-source solutions proliferating on the Web and businesses kicking decent PCs to the curb like so many red-headed stepchildren, money’s no longer an obstacle. Only one question remains, really: Are you a big enough geek to put it all together?