NewsGator Opens API

The API generates a lot of stuff in OPML and RSS2.0.

NewsGator API Homepage
NewsGator Online provides an API to allow application developers to develop aggregators and other applications that process RSS to use a NewsGator Online user’s location, subscription and folder structure in their application. The NewsGator Online API also gives application developers very fine-grained control over synchronizing the read and deleted state of individual posts.

Blogs, Podcasts, RSS: A Niche In A Niche In A Niche

Good article about the demographics behind the those who consume blogs, podcasts, and RSS feeds. As I’ve long suspected at the moment venturing into these waters is apparently developing for a niche in a niche ina niche. The good news is that the niche is growing:)

What Blogs, Podcasts, Feeds Mean to Bottom Line
The average consumer of blogs, RSS/XML feeds and Podcasts is male, earns big bucks and, in the case of Podcasts, is a youngster

Podcasts On Campus Growing

I’m sensing a trend with AUWCL announcing its podcasting service this week, and now this. Look likes I’m getting Classcaster out the door just in time and CALI will be in front of this wave. Of course Classcaster has 2 cool features: podcasting with your telephone and podcast enabled blogs. I do need to write more about Classcaster:)

Purdue University Offers Lectures via Podcast
Today, Purdue University announced it will be offering a podcast service covering ‘large’ lectures on campus. Any faculty member can request that their lectures be made available via the service, which is called ‘BoilerCast.’