New PHP XML-RPC Flaw Revealed

PHP hit by another critical flaw – Computerworld
The bug was found in XML-RPC for PHP and PEAR XML_RPC as the result of a security audit by the Hardened-PHP Project. The group said it decided to carry out its own audit after other flaws were disclosed in the two libraries earlier this summer.

Execute PHP 5 From Perl and Perl From PHP 5

Wow, this is cool. And rather useful. At the moment Classcaster is running a mix of PHP and Perl that is getting difficult to manage. This may provide a solution.

Bricolage Now has PHP 5 Templating
Now anyone can natively execute PHP 5 code from a Perl application. Not only that, but the PHP 5 code can reach back into the Perl interpreter to use Perl modules and objects!

Get Your Windows Reglazed

Wired News: Windows Got Ya Down? Try a Remix
Remixed versions of Windows abound on file-sharing networks, supercharged with the latest security patches, tools and applications.