BlogBridge Aggregation System

OK, BlogBridge looks like the real deal. I’ve got it running and it actually seems to work well. I imported my feed list from anther aggregator and that worked. I’ve setup a ‘SmartFeed’ that searches tags and that is producing results. The app is in Java, so it should run anywhere. Blogbridge offers a server-based service that will store your subscriptions so you can use them on other installs. Overall I like it. Let’s see what a couple of days of Elmer brings:)

BlogBridge: Home
Don’t know what BlogBridge is? No problems – we think it’s the best news feed and blog aggregation system – bar none! Not only will BlogBridge let you subscribe to your favorite RSS feeds, it will also help you sort through your existing feeds and help you discover new feeds.

It also comes with a server-based service that will let you synchronize all your feeds across multiple computers, and even maintain your read/unread status across those computers.