Is There Really A Web 2.0?

The whole Web 2.0 bit is really beginning to grate on my nerves. Rick Segal has a bit to say about getting swept up in the hpye. Give it a read.

The Post Money Value: Web 2.0 & New World Order?
1. Ignore browser vs. app debates, they are for tech people with too much time on their hands.

2. Focus on solutions. You have a problem and there are options to solve your problem. Solve the problem and the features that solved it are what you want/need. It’s a nice closed loop that gets you satisfied.

These 2 points are mentioned at the end of the piece, but they are really the take away here. The key to any app or solution is that it scratch an itch. Otherwise it’s just an answer looking for a question and there are plenty of those laying around. And it doesn’t really matter where the scratch comes from, just that it be easy enough to apply to sooth the itch without creating another one.