A Brief POV Change: Student Thoughts on Laptops in the Classroom

This post came up on De Novo, one of the student blogs I track. We spend a fair amount of time going on about things like laptops and wireless in the classroom and it is of interest to hear what students may have to say.

De Novo: Re: Student Use of Technology in the Classroom
The way I see it (and our Dean seemed to agree at a question and answer session I attended last spring), if a professor can’t keep my attention, whose fault is that really? Probably mine, but it doesn’t change the fact that if she can’t keep my attention, no amount of banning instant messenger is going to help. Back before I had a laptop, I doodled. I doodled masterpieces during classes that were uninteresting. Or I daydreamed. I can easily do those things again, and I still won’t be paying attention.

Just out of curiuousity, how many law schools know if their students are blogging?