[Corrected] Jurist Looking For Student Editors

Law students wanted to blog… Neat idea. Jurist has certainly evolved into a great source for legal news and this year’s team of student editors has done a great job.

JURIST – Paper Chase: EDITORS WANTED ~ Research, write legal news in real time…
JURIST is looking for talented, public-service oriented law students from law schools in the US and abroad to join our team of real-time legal news editors this fall.

Note: I had mistakenly implied that this was a ‘blog for money’ situation when, in fact, the student editors of JURIST are a group of dedicated volunteers. Prof. Hibbitts reminds me “[t]he fact that JURIST student staffers work so hard, so long (days, evenings, weekends), and so enthusiastically *without* pay is the real story here. It’s a testament to their dedication, their commitment to public service, and their sense of what they get out of the good work they’re doing!”.